Computation Media/Interactive Installation



Ubiquito is an Art project composed of series of seeing objects that capture and display clips from your life. Each object in Ubiquito embodies characteristics according to its own attributes. When you are looking at the object, it’s also staring at you and perceive you in its way. Your clock conceives your life frame by frame. You look darker in a table lamp’s eyes. You are a black and white sketch to your pen and notebook. Your lipstick only cares about your lips and ignores other body parts. You are a picture of contact in front of a telephone.


I started from being curious about how I appear to my books, so I put myself in a way as I imagined that a book perceives outside world. My portrait are filled with letters -- random letters or paragraphs from a real book.

I want the result to be straghtforward delivered by hiding a webcam and putting a display on the book, user tests approved its availability.

Then I applied same idea to more objects.

Caliper measures every subject it sees and reflects that measurement in its mind.

The disco ball thinks I’m dancing with reflecting colorful lights as in a disco room whenever and wherever it sees me .

When a fish tank looking at me, it sees me with a few swimming fishes, and some ripples.

A flash light lights you up, and ignores other subtle things.

There are more. We are surrounded by many objects, I'm bringing them to life.

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