Computational media/Interactive Installation

Starry Aquarium


Starry Aquarium is an aquarium in hologram version, using "Pepper's ghost" effect. The screen is pyramid-like, using pepper's ghost to mimic a three dimension world that the images can be shown inside of it. Users can manipulate the movement of fish by moving their fingers. The background of the aquarium involves music visualization with particle systems that will be changed as the bgm plays along. Toolkit: Arduino, processing, leap motion, fabrication. Inspired by Ricardo Sánchez.
In collaboration with Xinyi Deng, 2013


Pepper's ghost requires a pyramid-like structure to reflect the light. I did some testing before actually laser cut a large acrylic pyramid.

The Processing screen recording, I used a white circle to indicate where the mouse is at (versus leap motion version).

This is a rough cut version of the documentation.