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Gift App


An ios app that helps you to browse gift ideas. The ultimate guide to find perfect gift for anyone and everyone on your list.

The Pain Point

Choosing the right gift is tedious and takes long time.

It’s always been painful for me to come up with gift ideas in my experience. It's time consuming for window shopping or even browsing online for things friends/family would like. My gift choices varied from daily necessities in Amazon, Jet, Walmart, to a neat Kickstarter project or one of the web’s cool stuff aggregators like Adafruit or expensive MoMa design store.

Current Solution

Inefficient and insufficient.

Nowadays there are some gift apps helping people finding gifts based on categories, prices, target individuals, tags, etc. However, using these app, either as a checklist reminder where you can bookmark items, or works as a platform listing out aggregators for you to purchase those items. The approches has their advantages, somehow it still takes time for user to manually looking for gift from one end. With that being said, sometimes the results are not always desireable. To break this dilemma, I redesigned a gift app idea by introducing “community” concept into it.

The Product Concepts

Gift ideas sharing + question-and-answer platform.

I came up with this idea while I was having a hard time searching gift for my cousin. As a teenager, she didn’t like popular stuff -- CDs or games is not an option, ipod is out, didn’t like books -- I just wish if there’s a way I can reach to people who had experience dealing with same thing. I would love to hear their suggestions, If only I can put up a place where people can share product and recommend gift to others!

User Flow Ver.1

It takes three main steps to complete the whole journey:
1) Choose either to share a product or to ask for a specific gift recommendation;
2) send out the review or the question
3) wait for feedback. While the first two steps require active action from the users, the last one serve more like a passive interaction.

User Flow Ver.2

After implementing user testing and questionaire, I tweaked the User Flow version 1 and make it easier to navigate and more intuitive for users. In version 1, I tried to balance between share posts on product and ask for gift recommendation, however, in reality users tend to focus more on exploring gift options. During the user testing, participants are fallen into two main patterns. A seeks for gift ideas, while B loves sharing newlest and coolest items they found and also enjoying exploring what others post. In addition, most participants prefer search for inspirations by themself. Waiting for others’ to reply to a help would be a big plus, but at the mean time, users are more likely to perform quick search. Thus search should be a quick and obvious action.
The user flow now changes to: 1) Explore to see what others are up to. 2) Search inspirations for gifts, ask for help when no satisfied searched results. 3) Add new posts to share product with others.

Information Architecture

Who is this app for?

Anyone searching for something for a hard-to-please gift receiver can really appreciate what the app has to offer. The gift receiver aside, users looking for a way to get organized about giving presents can also find much use out of the features offered on the Gifts website. Simply login and create personal lists or add family and friend profiles to manage upcoming gift purchases. Reminders can also be set so users can stay on top of upcoming birthdays, anniversaries and other events that should never be forgotten.

The app Features

* Allows users to set up a personal wish list so family and friends can see exactly what the user wants to receive

* Provides a family and friend entry list that allows users to keep a profile of loved ones that they need to buy for

* Reminder settings that allow users to list important dates, from anniversaries to birthdays or other occasions

* Wish list request option that allows users to send a request for a wish list from a friend or family member

* Unique category listings that go beyond the standard gender, age and occasion categories

* Recently viewed gift listing that helps users find items they may have forgotten to add to an order or wish list.

Wireframe Ver.1

Visual Design Ver.1