Visual/Web/UI design

Design work at NYU


As the Graphic and Web designer for New York University's Office of Global Services (OGS), my main responsibilities include:
Conceptualize and design publications, advertisements, logos, signage, posters, and web content using desktop publishing software programs;
Design layout and produce color comps of designs, illustrations, and photography using Adobe creative suite;
Implement designs through CMS, front end development;
Collaborate with UX designer and researcher to create interaction design deliverables such as process flows, wireframes, annotations and prototypes for web, big screen displays, kiosk and other interfaces.

Work Demo

Logo design example: 2 rounded stamp logo for NYU in Paris, with detailed information about NYU's program at Paris.

Handout design example: these are the flyers for newly admitted students, including new F-1 students, new J-1 students, transfer F-1 students, change of status F-1 students (F-1 and J-1 are the visa types for international students). I used color bar on the top so students and advisors can easily recognize each category.

This is the site map UX designer created based on the current NYU OGS's website.

And these are some of the wireframes UX designer created for the new website project.

Some sample pages created based on the wireframes. Various colors are applied to different categories.

(the final pages might be different as it's an ongoing project)

I hand-coded the header and footer for the NYU OGS's newsletter email template.