Physical computing/Interactive Installation



Clack-Clack-Face is a completely new typewriter experience revealing your portrait in letter. Clack-Clack-Face finds users typing into our Royal Empress typewriter only to discover a surprise result. Their own facial outlines are revealed as they type and are composed of the very words they've entered. This portrait is projected onto the white page in front of them in real time, the words and picture evolving and animating as the user continues to clack away. Toolkit: Arduino, processing. In collaboration with Amanda Gelb and Qingyuan Chen, 2013


I transformed every single button of the typwriter as a switch to trigger the signal and send it over to Processing in laptop. Signals then are translated into letters, and start-playing, pause, enter keys.

Hit a button will result as entering a letter on the screen.

The letters you type in compose of your portrait - Some people use keyword they chose for themselves such as "kind, smart, and fearless" with their profile to represent them, it's a surprising interaction.

We took this image after our winter show, wall filled with people's portrait, they love them.